The Hull EMBA strengthens and develops participants for senior leadership roles in a range

of organizational contexts. The programme provides the tools and insights necessary to

allow participants to identify and to manage organizational problems in a creative yet

ethical and sustainable manner.

Starting with 2019, the EMBA is offered on 2 pathways: General & Tech Management. 

All students, irrespective of their elected pathway, must complete a broad range

of modules including:

Compulsory modules 1Compulsory modules 2

The General Management Pathway – the complex and ambiguous nature of the modern

world is recognized with the next 4 modules addressing:


The Technology Management Pathway is designed for those leading in a technology context,

with the next 4 modules examining:


More details about what each pathway has to offer on the University of Hull page. 

In order to graduate from the Hull University EMBA programme, students must complete

the 12 core modules, as well as the Research Methods module and write their

dissertation paper. To finalize a module students will write an essay, do a project

or take an exam.

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