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The end of the summer brings a new module to the Executive MBA programme here in Cluj. Delivered by Dr. Mark Gregory from the University of Hull, the Complexity and Network Thinking module has the purpose to harness network thinking and to equip our students to understand the emerging context and address the challenges that it presents. The module will take place between 30 August and 2 September. For those interested to join our program, this is an opportunity to come and meet the University of Hull academic staff and our current students, open to sharing details about the programme with you. Please register for a 3h free session at

The internet and advances in information and communications have given rise to a complex competitive landscape. This presents opportunities and threats that are challenging public and private sector institutions. At the end of the module, the students will be able to understand why associative thinking is essential for strategists today and to develop the capacity for conceptualisation and critical thinking in order to be able to decide what they can take from competing theories and their own experience to deal with complex situations for which no single “best practice” recipe exists, and where imitation from examples is not a viable option.

Dr. Mark Gregory is an experienced teacher, researcher, and consultant in business information systems. He has taught business information systems at all university levels for 25 years, having previously worked in the industry for 15 years. With experience in managing and developing successful programmes in both computing and business schools in the UK and in France, Dr. Gregory teaches subjects such as e-commerce and big data, business information systems, systems analysis (process and data modeling), systems construction and information systems strategy, planning and their contribution to innovation.

Dr. Gregory about his research: “My principal finding is that each of us has a personal working model which is supported by a personal information management system. For some people, these are well defined; for most, they are not even explicit. They can be “surfaced” and improved by means of structured self-reflection aided by conceptual knowledge modeling informed by a series of empirically-informed principles within the context of a process of action learning. This research has intensely practical relevance and application for knowledge workers in service and for students learning how best to manage their knowledge, information and time.” More details about his research here:

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