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Update: 4.09.2018

During this module, there are two speakers joining the discussion. On Friday, from 4.00 pm, our special guest is Beniamin Pop – Brand & Design Strategist. The second talk will be on Saturday, from 11.00 am, when Matthew Dezzani, founding partner and the Chief Marketing Officer at Anagram Brewing Company will join the module. Participation is free for both talks, but registration is required:

About our speakers:

Beniamin Pop is a brand & design strategist, helping business entrepreneurs and companies link their business strategy with their brand strategy. With an experience of more than 15 years in graphic design, while being increasingly preoccupied with the way in which design can influence sales, Beni now works alongside a team of specialists in verbal and visual branding where he has the role of Creative Director, making sure that the branding elements are always aligned with their clients’ business and brand strategies.

Since 2017 he is also a board member in Chimica S.A. – an important Romanian industrial processor – where he is responsible with outlining brand strategies and supervising implementation. Some of his most important projects are the rebranding of Panemar, Moldovan, SaladBox, Calif, ATP Exodus Group, Donuterie or creating new brands such as Narcoffee Roasters and Condimental. He is often invited to speak at business events on topics related to brand and branding. You can see more of his work at the link here:

Matthew Dezzani: Prior to the start of Anagram Brewing, Matthew has spent the past 24 years living and working in the UK, Romania, Kuwait, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Matthew’s category experience includes FMCG, fashion and retail, pharma, banking, finance and investment – including Islamic finance, energy, automotive, government, NGO and charity, software and application development, media, television and entertainment.

Two and a half decades of global marketing experience and the international brand building provides Matthew with a fundamental understanding of how to frame an issue, how to define and target audiences as well as how to develop and deliver various messages across multiple platforms.

Follow our facebook page for more details about the two guests.


Being a general type of Executive MBA, our programme prepare its students in different areas of a business, including marketing, our next module from September (6-9)Dr. Ahmed Shaalan, lecturer in marketing at Hull University Business School, will come to Cluj to teach this module. Free sessions of 3 hours are available if you register to

Within this timeframe, the module examines choices available to organizations in how they might analyze, plan, implement, and control their marketing efforts. Students are introduced to the role of marketing planning as part of the function of helping an organization construct value within its marketplace. The module encourages students to question the difference between tactical aspects of marketing activity and the strategic value of these activities in how they provide a sustainable future for the organization and support for its stakeholders. The underlying rationale of the module is to encourage students to select and use appropriate conceptual tools and theoretical models so as to be able to interpret business-related problems in a marketing management context.

Dr. Ahmed Shaalan is best known for his work on relationship marketing, social networks, and corporate branding. He is particularly interested in how SMEs use relationship marketing to attract and retain new customers and in the links between western and eastern social relationship networks, including guanxi, wasta and shabakat al-alakat. Research interests: Relationship marketing, Chinese culture, Social networks including Chinese guanxi and Arab wasta, Corporate Branding, Corporate Identity, Corporate social responsibility. Dr. Shaalan holds a Ph.D. from Hull University Business School, where he also earned his Masters degree. His research has been published in the Journal of Business Research and the Corporate Reputation Review. More details are available on the University website:

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